The King James Bible vs. Shakespeare

King James Bible

King James Bible

   Which is easier to read: the King James Bible with all its thous, thees, -ths, and poetic and rhetoric language or Shakespeare?  In my opinion, the KJV Bible.  Not only because I’m a Christian, but because I find it easier and more memorable and I understand it better than Shakespeare.  No offense on Shakespeare, because I also like his works.

   With the King James Version in my hand, I enjoy it.  I like reading it with the thees’, thous’, and joineth, sleepeth, etc.  It is easier to remember the verses with those sounds.  It is poetic and rhetorical.  It sounds beautiful.  Yes, it may take a few minutes of your time to try to understand some of the verses or sentences.  Also, in my KJ Bible, if I don’t understand a verse there is a table underneath the verses/chapters that explains a complex section of a verse.

   What about Shakespeare?  It’s hard to understand.  Most people will agree with this, right?  Shakespeare to some people is enjoyable, challenging, hard to understand, etc.  However, it is challenging for me, but also, enjoyable.  (Probably because I dream of being an actress and love plays/dramas and reading).  Shakespeare puts words into a character that may be memorable. (Even a few of Shakespearean phrases have come into the English language).  Most people will say that they like Macbeth, Julius Caesar, etc., but find it really challenging to understand.  


(Psych TV show fans: Sometimes when reading Shakespeare I feel like Shawn and Gus when they are at gun point in Season 8, Episode 1. I just watched that episode! xD)

About Bluebird

Bluebird (aka Perrissa) is an enjoyer of Star Wars, Wings of Fire, Hunger Games, Kingdom Keepers, Harry Potter series, Divergent series, (all books and movies pretty much), writing, talking, and acting. Her favorite Star Wars character is R2-D2. Whenever she has free time she usually spends it thinking, writing, or listening to music.

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  1. I have never read the Bible before as i am Muslim. But, I agree with you Shakespeare is hard to understand, but his works are enjoyable. Btw this Nabilah from RPC.


  2. Aaa, I remember the good old days, Elementry school, best time ever, nice essay btw


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